Saturday, October 26, 2013

Teen Vogue Fashion U 2013!

This year I got the unique opportunity to attend the annual Teen Vogue Fashion U in New York City, here's my story...

All started it in august, as an announcement in, then I found out what was about and asked my mom if I could attend, all she said was "If you get in, I personally will take you" so I applied right away. After a few weeks later, I was wondering what was going on, at least I was expecting a "Thank you, but maybe next year" email or something, then I took a look in my junk inbox and there it was "Teen Vogue Fashion University 2013 Acceptance" I couldn't believe what was happening, I told my mom and both were amazed, actually, none of us were expecting it! I checked in, selected my classes and that was it, I was going to New York! We booked our flights, booked the hotel and we were ready to go! 

  • The first day was a kick-off party by Express; we couldn't find a taxi cab, so we actually had to walk all the way from Times Square to Madison Ave in heels, yeah, not that fun. Then I had to make line to get in and walk in the little red carpet, the store was closed just for us! They offered mocktails, mini hamburgers and other sweets; also a braids bar, a photo booth, good music and a bunch of more stuff! 




    The second day was the major day, I woke up around 6, to be ready and be at the Hudson Theater at 8 am. I checked in, got my gift bag (a very generous gift bag) and walked to the lobby of the theater to find a lot of stands from Bvlgari, Pantene, Sperry, Secret and bunch more. 

    Jason Wagenheim gave us a warm welcome, then Amy Astley + the Teen Vogue Editors followed. I think they gave me just the advice I needed to realize that I really want to be involved in the fashion industry, it has became my passion and it was an incredible opportunity to learn from them. 

    My next session was with Joseph Altuzarra, Altuzarra is a luxury women's ready-to-wear brand launched in New York in 2008. His brand was born out of the desire to make the sophisticated modern woman feel sexy, seductive, strong and confident, and I couldn't agree more.

    The next seminar was with Thakoon Panichgul, his collection is a true reflection of the highly diverse background of him, his work is an examination of innovative construction, imparts a feminine spirit, poised elegance and an underlying hint of playful wit, you can see it clearly. 

    Then I got the pleasure to attend Eddie Burgo's class at the design studio in the Conde Nast Building, which made me feel a little like Anne Hathaway in Evil's wears Prada, I even got my picture at the Teen Vogue floor! 

    I think Eddie brings new energy and a modern point of view to these established themes, fusing high end and street in every piece he creates. Right after, I got in the training room with Misha Nonoo, the sweetest fashion designer I've ever met! Her appreciation for quality, tailoring, and worldly travel is the essence, the integrity, and the core of the Nonoo label and of Misha herself. Then all the students had to go to the Hudson Theater with Amy Astley again to catch up with the guys behind The Coveteur and Into The Gloss.

    Later that night, they offered us a Shopping SoirĂ©e at Topshop, including good music, mini french macarons, an ice cream bar, a nail bar and more; even Jourdan Dunn was there! The sunday session, the last one, I got the chance to learn from Phyllis Posnick and Eve MacSweeney, yes, the Vogue Editors! We watched The Editor's Eye and did a Q&A. 

    Also, on sunday was the graduation day, we got our diplomas and everything, it was probably the best weekend of the year! I can't even thank enough Teen Vogue and the staff behind for making things like this, let us learn from the masters of the industry, it's indescribable, something I won't forget, so many ideas, advice and inspiration, it helped me a lot to decide what I want to study, I'm very thankful for it. So if any of the people mentioned are reading it, thank you! 

    If you attended the Teen Vogue Fashion U Class of 2013 let me know!